I am a Photographer, Writer and a Culinary arts student, also about to be a film-maker.

Student of life and of all things artistic. Exploring, Learning and growing are the 3 things that I love to do endlessly. Humble at heart but with mighty aspirations.

Another thing I love to do is Inspire, motivate and encourage anyone who comes my way, that’s the certain amount of meaning added to everyday mundane activities. Quoting Bob Marley “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. WHY SHOULD I ?”¬†¬†plenty of naysayers in the world we need more of people who believe in the greatness in one another.

I am from India, 23 years of age, looking forward to connect with tons of amazing people via my blog about Photography, Writing, Other artistic things and Life motivation in general.

Explore and be inspired.