The world is Alive


Go out, Explore

The world is alive, breathing, pulsating and living every day, I need to stop wishing days around.  It’s a grand play unfolding out there each day, the world out there is full off possibilities,full of things and events that could happen if I act.

How can I complain about a day being boring, how can I say there’s nothing to do, why would I want to sit at home all day and think about doing things but not actually enacting them. Yes! There are goals I am working on, yes! I will achieve them sooner or later but why wouldn’t I want to do anything more apart from them, I know they consume a lot of my time, my energy and still I know,  I should and would love to do a little more, little extra, a little out of the way to make my day a little more brighter.

How many times have I read and understood the quote that,

  “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

~Abraham Lincoln

Life is about living, being alive and being insanely free, free from everything that limits our true potential. It’s one life to live why would I want to wile my days away, why waste my time by doing nothing, knowing that I can and should be doing way more, way better than this. Knowing I deserve that, why would I want to settle for something? Though by doing nothing more I am settling, what will those extra hours of rest or laying back will get me?

I want to experience, I want to learn more, I want to be liberated, I want to be self-dependent, independent and I want to feel everything to its fullest I want my life to be a great story to tell, a beautiful memory to remember, something that’s moving and inspiring, see the world with no worries at the back of my head, each moment of life to be as exciting as it could be, fresh and rejuvenating.

No wonder there will be hurdles and challenges but overcoming them will be as fantastic, one of the quotes I remember when I say that is

                                “There are no great stories without great conflicts”

this all are random thoughts but this is how I feel or think sometimes to stay motivated and be inspired to carry on forward. I truly, really want to keep moving forward, do something new every day, like a movie that unfolds something interesting every moment. Feel alive through every single atom of my very existence, I don’t want to be stagnant, there’s an example about it “stagnant water gets dirty, infected, sluggish, breeds diseases but flowing water of a river stays fresh, breathing and alive, full of energy and ultimately it goes and meets the ocean, becomes the ocean”. I want to be a river which finally becomes the ocean full of abundance and life. So if that is what I really want, why am I not doing anything more, why am I not putting in the efforts it takes? With all those questions and knowing what I want there’s only one answer to it.

Stop thinking, start doing, everyday actively find ways to make life more interesting. That little extra effort will get you back a lot more than you think, quoting “It’s the journey that matters, not the destination” make your journey the best you can, give it all you got, do all you can, understand that you are going to live only once, make it huge make it grand. From today I vow to put in more efforts than I normally do and attain that feeling of liberation I want.

Believe in yourself, stay true to yourself and attain what you really want.