A place to think

              Been thinking about what to write recently, a lot of things are happening and a lot of new perspective’s I have found through various Content around, there’s so much to understand and so much to assimilate in me that I am confused over what to write or share my insight or point of view over something, all this information I found out recently is so amazing that if one man can fully assimilate the qualities in those he can really become free and abundant. I have decided to find some time for myself to contemplate over all of those new Perspective’s and try to install them in my behavior, soon my exams will get over and I ll have a really small summer break for about of 5 days because immediately after that I have to go for my industrial training which is a part of my educational course, not very excited about it, actually wanted to chill and have fun with my homies back in my hometown. Anyways so there is this farm in my hometown where me and my buddies visit often, often enough that we can call that place our second home, somehow right in-between the city our gateway from the urban civilization to our land of freedom, some of the best memories are related with that place.


Trail to the monument

So soon I ll visit it, i ll lay peacefully under the big tree there which is coming right out of an old monument which dates back to probably 400 to 500 years I guess, that farm has some historical structures in it as my hometown is a historical city but well as if they were built for us back then and left there untouched by time for us to visit and enjoy its presence, its been quite useful so many times during our visits there, even the tree looks as old, has a huge trunk, big green spread all year round and that’s why may It be summer, winter or rainy season we had the shade of this tree during all seasons that place has a different unique wonderful feel every single season. I sometimes imagine how it would be to bring a date here, that’s a long shot though coz don’t know if the owners ll allow and that place is Semi government comes under the area of the local military, luckily it’s only me and my friends who know about the existence of such an Amazing farm right near our place, well I don’t live in the city anymore but whenever I do visit i spend quite a lot of time at that farm.


The huge ancient tree and the Monument

it has become an integral part of all our lives, great memories, fun, sometimes deep discussions and insights, our first wildlife sightings, photographs everything started from this very place, my friends and me any day would prefer to be at this place rather than go for a movie or a party or anything out their in the urban jungle, this place has become a sanctuary “sanctuary of free birds” our home away from home where there are no time limits, there are no restrictions, no rules no regulations, no code of conduct, a place where we can be in the present moment and just be in the moment feeling it to its very core, observing time as a flowing river, watch it pass by, morning to noon, noon to twilight and finally night, all those images are so fresh and alive in our hearts that every time we visit it we can actually see each other roaming around, dancing, having fun just laying down in the shade and watching the wildlife around, birds mostly of different species but there s just so much of it. Sometimes some of us would lay down under the tree looking at its branches, through it the sky all the colors, feel the wind, see it swaying the grass around, the branches of the tree, our hairs, touching our skin, the song of the jungle ringing in our ears just truly amazing. Nature is so mesmerizing, nature is so indulging, nature is abundant, there are no boundaries, if you get lost in it the feeling of it, you are bound to find yourself, then there were times when two of us or three of us or ultimately all of us would go for a walk in the deep areas of this farm, even though its a farm it has some wild areas to be explored where little or no farming is done and so we love to explore it as much as we can, even though we have seen all of it now, each day with each sunrise or sunset that place brings about a new play of colors and light & life there s just so much beauty there, heartwarming, soul nourishing you cannot but get addicted to that place.

On those walks we would talk about everything ranging from stupid jokes to our dreams and aspirations to even sometimes how we are growing up and maybe we wont be so often visitors to this place, I now see some of it is coming true, well we all know things change, time change, the only thing constant is change we cannot do anything but embrace it that’s the beauty of it, change makes you grow and appreciate what you have now. I remember some lines from a song by Daughtry it says “I’m going to the place where love And feeling good don’t ever cost a thing,This places and this faces are getting old so I am coming home” In some distant  future when all of us are on the peak of their lives I wish to visit this place with all my pals and hope that it looks the same and in the shimmering light of the sunrise and sunset we see our lives reflect, through those misty and foggy winters, dense rainy monsoons and through hot summers all of this seasons were a celebration here at this very place. I can write a blog post about every single thing there right from the grass to the birds and insects there, Every time we visit it there s something new to discover.


A winter evening during the sunset

I remember once there were huge Wheat crops growing around the farm and that day we were photographing the birds over there, following a bird around the farm we reached the far end of it, quietly standing there waiting for the bird to make a movement, we stood there observing the surrounding, it was due twilight the sun was about to set, it was getting darker, also there was an announcement by the farmers and the forest department that a leopard has found its way from the forests of Gautala a wild life sanctuary here in my state to the city life and was now inhabiting the farm, 2 killings took place one of a goat and the other of a dog so over all it was a time of great adventure, 2 yrs back as teenagers we were pretty damm excited to spot a leopard and photograph it in its wild behavior not the one in the zoo, also a sense of danger that he might be watching us from any direction and might even attack, who knows? the possibilities were endless with a wild cat around, as i kept walking along the wheat crops I reached the end of the line, suddenly I heard something from the left, I quickly turned to that direction before I would realize something huge flew my way, I was taken back, I was surprised, I was startled then again it took a turn and flew to the very end of the farm into the golden sunlight and then down into the deep areas of the farm which were fairly below the  ground level, what I saw was a huge Indian-peafowl commonly known as the Peacock, I took my camera up tried to capture it but everything  happened in a jiffy and I could not capture anything, by the time it reached the end line what we saw was that there were multiple peahens and peacocks there, quickly walking down to the deep region it was a fantastic sight, It was my first time that I saw a wild Peacock and that too in its flock quite a surprise, at first when I was baffled I mistook it as the Leopard and I was ready to fight back like a survivor (haha) Every single one of us later realizing what happened started laughing everyone knew what happened and that everyone was startled at that very moment, funny right ? It became dark we started walking back home, enquired about the forest department’s action for the night, confirming nothing was to be done today we went to our favorite place in the city where we usually have tea and snacks sat down there and enjoyed our evening, I dream of returning here one day in a far future, look at the sunset, glance back at my friends and say damm We made it brothas.

The view from the end line of the farm, Clicked right after the peacock incident

The view from the end line of the farm, Clicked right after the peacock incident and before heading home

Basically many such incidents happened which were completely out of the context of normal daily living of urban lives, this place is a totally new world right around the corner of the normal world, you take a walk for a few minutes from your home and there you are. Discover something new every time you visit you just cant get bored of this place if you love being in the company of nature, you can feel and watch the grand scheme of the nature of the universe, realizing that this ll go on for an infinity, we are mortals and we have only so much time to enjoy this glorious beauty of the world, we often tend to forget enjoying all this little pleasures of life like laying down under a tree and just feeling everything around you, everyone is looking for quick gratification, material possessions, in the race for that everybody s missing out on the big picture. So back to me, Now that I ll be visiting my hometown again, filled with all these new ideas, new concepts, new visions I am going to think over them, contemplate over them and try to install them in me while I am at the right place, ll share it with my pals have fun and later get back to the battle ground my current city where I am doing my education, with all that time there with the right people, at the right place I ll be ready and recharged to face the stupid Industrial training which I don’t want to do but after I am done recharging myself I am sure I ll make the very best of my time there and by the end of it I ll be an even stronger version of myself.

Everybody has a place to think, everybody has their recharge spots and everybody has their special thinking caves which play a key role in their soul searching routine and what i think is Everybody should visit those places often to find yourself over and over again, thinking about the things that really matter to you, things that you really want in your life and not just cause the normal living demands it, make that journey often to refresh your dreams your ambition your zeal for life, refresh your senses and feel alive again not just survive.