There’s Magic everywhere

When was the last time you really saw something with your eyes? And not with your thoughts, when was the last time you really were looking outside rather than being stuck inside your head? when was the last time you remember that all you remember is what you saw, how amazing you felt, and your chest expanding with fresh satisfying breath and all you can remember is the sight of it and no particular thoughts about it or ideas about it just the plain feeling of amazing that’s all you can still remember and feel?

Recently going through a lot of routine life everything became the numbers on the clock certain numbers meant I have to be at certain places at certain time, that didn’t particularly affect me much but what I observed was, I was kind of stuck inside my head I was looking but not really looking, all those images were seen but not really registered, everything just passed through the scope but nothing felt, then suddenly with that realization I kind of woke up and suddenly I was breathing, I felt astonished at how beautiful the weather is today, how amazing the sky looks today, such a great day to spend time with friends and family or doing what you love , I glanced around and I saw a lot of life, people walking around, kids playing football on the field, all sorts of vehicles, flock of birds, fantastic cloud patterns of monsoon, trees swaying to the merry wind.magic

My Chest cavity expanded, I took a deep breath, I felt like I woke up after weeks, I felt like I am looking at all of it after a long, long time everything was so anew that moment, the world appeared so big full of interesting stories, events, things that could be happening at this very moment and my life being a part of the nature’s grand scheme, suddenly all of my thoughts disappeared, all of my worries vanished, all of my anxiety for anything that maybe was gone, all I remember is I was present in the moment, at that very moment everything was wonderful and everything was magic, nothing looked tragic, bad, or useless, everything every little thing appeared to be a part of the amazing grand play of the universe.

Most often we are so stuck inside our heads we don’t really see things, we don’t really feel things, we don’t really allow them to enter into our hearts without our judgmental minds, we are always so cautious or so aware of ourselves that we are mostly preoccupied with our own selves and the thoughts of the future, we never really enjoy the present with welcoming arms, we are more eager to share what we feel on social networks than at first completely immersing ourselves in the experience we are having, how can you share something that you haven’t yourself completely immersed into ? you cannot experience new things fully or anything with all your being without letting go the rotten thoughts you constantly have mingling in your mind, for once try to really look, really feel, I assure you, you will be surprised at what you will see or feel when you will do that, let go of all assumptions, just stand somewhere right now and look, maybe out your balcony at the sky right now, whatever it might be, to see the magic you need to see it with your heart and let go of the minds judgmental eyes.

Try this just take a deep breath, have a look around, just look around think nothing about it or the reason behind just take a look, look at it as if you are watching a

"Look deep into nature and then you ll understand everything better."

“Look deep into nature and then you ll understand everything better.”

movie, let your thoughts fade out in the background and I am sure you will see the magic, there’s a lot of it I guarantee you, when you will start looking at everything around you with just the intent of looking you will see the magic, feel the magic, you will experience it daily, you will be amazed at the amazing synchronicity there is in the universe, you will feel connected and there will be no more conflicts, there will be just plain pure eternal magic, living will be magic.