One day at a time


One day at a time, that’s how I have been living from the past 5 months, One day at a time, cause there was no point in rushing and there was no way of finishing it earlier than it will.

One day at a time was the right way of approaching the situation then and I guess it will stay true for the rest of our lives, there’s no way of rushing through anything, you cannot make something happen before time or later than it has to be done on, the only thing you can do is understand that you have to somehow get through this day, this one day with your max efforts, with all the sanity you can hold through the period and let time pass.

What I have discovered through this is very fascinating, amazing and scary at the same time, this discovery has made me more alert than I ever was, it’s like I have seen the flow, the flow of the endless river of time, the speed is amazing, the force is immeasurable nothing can stop it, its gushing, never ending, so powerful that it will change everything whenever it passes by. It’s of great stupidity on our part to try to rush things or be slow at the same time or to wait for doing something, what I have observed over the course or throughout the years that have passed by that time flies by fast by fast I mean if you look back on your life so far then you will realize all of it feels like a dream, as if nothing happened at all everything was nothing but a dream, before you could register the happenings of a particular time everything changed and you had to adapt to the new course you have been lead to, whatever seemed never ending which for sure was undesirable, painful mostly or in some rare cases something beautiful that seemed never ending has changed or ended as well, nothing is permanent, nor our joys nor our sorrows, the age old truth “This too shall pass” stands true every single time.

What I have learnt is so profound that it has given me power over circumstances, they don’t bother me anymore, basically nothing bothers me anymore, the profound understanding is that “waiting is a waste of time” time is so fast that it will pass by before you know, you need to be vigilant, highly alert while you deal with it.

One such moment.

One such moment.

The biggest mistake you can make is to wait for doing something or wishing that something should pass soon, what you have actually got to do is make the most of the moment, learn from it grow from it, Understand every moment is rare very rare it won’t come again and it isn’t slow you need to act upon it immediately do whatever is in your power to make the most of it. It’s a mistake to wait on anything, it’s a mistake wishing days around.

Express yourself, do what you love, make time for the people you care about, make time for things that express you, don’t wait for self-expression, say what you feel, do what you feel, hold no grudges, hold no regret or past bad experiences everything taught you something to live happily in the coming time made you stronger than whatever you were before it, use it for your benefit and don’t ever let it bring you down, you have a journey to take, your life is a big journey but the time is limited you got to make the most of every single moment in your life.

Never invest in the negative it saps you of your precious time to actually live the present moment with great zeal. Follow your dreams, set goals achieve them, make time for everything you love, tell the people you love that you love them, waiting is pointless, you never know when you will run out of time to say or do all those things you ever want to do, we have nothing to lose, we are mortals and we will leave this plane someday, the fear of losing anything is a myth a lie, something that keeps us away from doing what we want to, let go of that fear, the honest truth is that “We have nothing to lose” we are free of all outcomes, anyways nothing is in our control why bother about what reactions we will get by doing or saying what we want to.

There’s no control of ours on anything, then why not freestyle it, why not let our creativity explode and paint the world with colors we enjoy, why not be abstract in our thoughts, why try to keep everything in order, when every order will change with time, there were 9 planets in our solar system now there are only 8 if that can happen on such a big scale we should probably not be worrying about what will happen in the future. The moment is now make the most of it, waiting is a myth no one can really wait cause time keeps moving, with it we do as well, so One day at a time, one moment at a time, Grow, express, live, say, do, be, live however you want to make the most of the journey you have been bestowed with cause there’s no other like it in the whole world, share your gifts with the world, make the life of your dreams happen, everything won’t happen as you wish it to be but the point is living life with no regrets, you gave life all you got, you did your best and therefore there will be no regrets, you basically lived the life of your dreams what you got in return is pointless cause to be honest we have nothing to lose all we have is a life to live make the most of the time we have got.
The moment is now start living your dreams.