With Great music running down my ears to my heart and through their into my whole being and my soul, I feel like a genius, I feel like I will explode with creativity any moment, I feel as if I can create a whole new world with just the whip of my hand, tell great stories with mesmerizing content. I want to play some music, I feel like a musician, I want to create my own composition and enchant everything around me, I see myself sitting in a candle lit mansion in the very heart of the renaissance time Italy, I imagine to be one of those Geniuses that walked earth back then and I feel like I can create such magnificence myself and show my world to everyone.

Every time I am in the mood that I am at the moment wants me to drown into some or the other art and completely immerse into the amazing forget the world, create my own, eager to share it with everyone cause I find it so wondrous , I want everyone to see it experience it as well, I have a deep desire of sharing my vision of the world with everyone cause it fascinates me so much, I have no words to describe what I see what I feel, it can only be felt through the very experience of it.

Every waking moment of my life passes thinking about various ways that will allow me to bring forth my vision to reality, share it with the world, let them see what I see every single day and be fascinated as much, I don’t know if everybody will find it as special as I see it but I am sure everyone will feel something that they haven’t ever felt before, breath by breath my thoughts drift to those thoughts of self-expression, how clearly I see everything in there, in my soul, its real so life like I don’t doubt a bit of it, it’s as real to me as this very world, there’s no difference between this world and my world they are one and the same the only thing that separates them is vision, if one has the vision one can see magic everywhere.


               I hear music everywhere, I see great stories unfolding everywhere, I feel moments to their deepest level, I relate to how everything is falling in place in this world, like it happens in a grand play, how well the characters come in and go, scenes start and fade out, how the curtain falls then goes back up again to let another act began, how well the ambiance all around adjusts to the needs of the story, the weather, the wind, whole of the nature how beautifully matches the rhythm of every emotion felt by us the Characters. I am never alone, I am always in the company of everything else, the movement of breeze on a walk home, the feeling of cold on a cold night, the lights around, the darkness behind, the shadows, the change of scenarios, mass mob in a city scene or a magnitude of nature in the wild, the animals the rivers, movement of the trees, When I meet my people I see how perfectly they fit into the picture of my life, the colors they add, the emotions they bring along, the laughter they add and the meaning they can give to the smallest of things, I see how all of us fit very well in the big picture of this world and how whenever we meet someone new they will paint our picture with new colors and scenes making our picture more vibrant and bigger.

I see the world beyond me, I see it as a whole, there are no parts, there are no boundaries, its boundless, there are though infinite amount of stories, I want to see as many as possible, I want to tell as many as possible, I want to be the part of as many as possible, I want to experience as many as possible, I want to grow beyond my reality, I want to feel alive all the time and having a life cannot be defined by anything cause at any given point of time you are experiencing a different story and there’s no point defining it cause it will change, I don’t want to be defined by anything I just want to feel alive all the time, express who I am all the time cause as many colors you put out there, that colorful your picture will be and I am here to paint an enchanting painting, also listening to great music makes me feel genius so I feel sure of that I will make all that happen and I will keep listening to great music all the time, keep doing what I love.