Winter Chronicles : Music moods

All you need is the right music and you can uplift your spirit in minutes and feel the way you want to in just a matter of a beat, Sometime ago I read a fact about music that whenever we listen to any, our brain connects our current feelings, our life situations, the type of vibe that our life is going through at the moment, straight away fusing it with the music you are listening to.
The moment you listen to some song from a time that has passed, your brain can make you feel exactly the same as you did back then and make all those feelings life like at this very instant. So certain songs will make you feel joy, some will get you motivated, some can take you back to the lows of your life and some will provide you with deep inspiration and peace.

Your playlist is an essential part of your life, with the technology we have now we can carry our music where ever we want and listen to it whenever we want, I have observed most of the people this days can be seen occupied listening to their music throughout the day or most of the time, while they are driving, eating, chilling or in general just to pass time, indirectly they are connecting every day incidents and emotions with the music they are listening to and that affects our vibe the entire time, the entire day and even when we are alone we can relive that state of mind with the help of music.

In some cases its great because if the music you are listening to is anchored into positive, joyful, motivating, happy memories then its doing more good to your life in general, cause then it will keep you energetic and upbeat the whole time, filling you with abundance of life and making you feel happy to be alive. On the other hand if the music you are listening to is anchored into bad emotions, emotions of anger, depression, gloomy and sad feelings then its going to ruin your entire day and in general zero down your energy whenever you listen to those tracks, affecting your life productivity to be precise.

another fact:” People tend to develop an emotional bond with music, because when people walk away music is all that is left”

Sometimes even positively connected songs may create a problem.
1: cause the people or things or places they are attached to are no longer a part of your life.
2: As they are anchored to the good old memories, even while you are enjoying the new time you will sub-consciously try to relate them with the old memories and if they don’t resonate well together you wont be able to enjoy the present moment as good as it should be, most probably you will feel disconnected or even distant from the current event.

The key here is balance and some evolution as time demands it, for example if you want to feel energetic, motivated and enthusiastic you have to ditch your most favourite songs that no longer serve the purpose, maybe some songs motivated you in the past but their energy is consumed they need time to replenish their reserves, they need a break give them one, music like us has soul too and it needs its own time to recharge, give it that. Find new songs for the new time, find songs that serve your purpose, listen to what you want to feel, listen to what you want to do,listen to what you want to be. Extract the vibrant new energy from the new music and let it flow through you, let those new vibes take over, you want to change your life let music help you with it. Refresh your playlist once in a while,Find suitable new music for new Adventures of your life.

Let there be songs for each season of life, let the energy flow and keep your usual songs whenever you are in your old is gold mood, together they can make you sing, make you dance. I strongly believe in new adventures require new background music, as we wont be able to bear the same music given to all the movies in the world, in the same way we shouldn’t let the same music play in all short movies of our life, there’s a reason there for there being such a huge variety of music all over the world, its a grand scheme you know not just for the sake of choices, at the end of this huge movie made up of million short movies we should have a million background scores to remember everything in detail with all its vibrancy. As I stated the fact before music can bring back old memories instantly. I am already phase shifting with my playlist to suite my current story. Lets all share some of our music down below in the comments, that way we ll have something to start with.  Here’s one of my favourites this days, go ahead Enjoy the vibe.

I am on Top of the world, eh