Winter and Nostalgia : The Connection

Winter and nostalgia go hand in hand, you can now think and start noticing that you may have been the most nostalgic, sentimental, feeling the blues and similar feelings more intensely during the winters, take a moment and look back on your life and you may nod your head in affirmation to the statement I made above. The question that will pop to your mind after mostly and I hope agreeing with what I said above, you will ask “how is winter affecting my mood and what relation is between my nostalgia and winter?”.

Here’s some interesting information I came across during this few years and certain theories and facts that clearly explain the relation between winter and our mood, to be precise our intensified nostalgia.

According to the Indian astrology, Moon is the influencer of our emotional states, all our ups and downs, highs and lows are determined by the position of moon in accordance to our own personal life, Moon is the one that influences all our states. So during the winters the Moon is closer to the earth and therefore intensifying the emotions it influences, the closer the moon is to earth the more it intensifies the effects of it on our emotions.

Sky of Nostalgia

        Then after some contemplation over that statement I tried to make sense out of it all, after some thinking and weighing various facts, theories. I came to a certain conclusion.
As a kid in school in the Geography class I was learning about the high tides and low tides caused by the moon during the different seasons of the year and the way it influences the numerous water bodies around the globe, how the the water level rises when the moon is closer and how it may go below when the effect of moon’s magnetic field is further. During winter as the astronomical studies suggest the moon’s location is way closer to earth than during any other time of the year. This made me think of the notion that our body is made up of all the 5 elements in the universe, one of which is water.

So as our body is made up of 70% of water its greatly possible that the moons magnetic field affects us too. What made me think this is another piece of information from the ancient Indian texts, which states that “the element which is responsible for our emotional states is water”. Therefore if our body is made up of 70% of water, according to science the moon’s gravitational field affects our planet’s water bodies causing high and low tides and Astrology stating that moon is the one which dictates our emotional states, I came to conclude that mostly this theory is very honest and is very applicable. I would not have believed it earlier but after a lot of observation over the years and tallying this various facts together I came to trust on this entirely.

The next time you catch your friends or yourself talking about the good old days, being insanely nostalgic or overly emotional about a lot of issues, listening to old music during this winter months, you now know the reason behind that and you can look up in the sky and wave at the moon to let him know you know what he is doing. This months may get dramatic, may contain scenes of extreme violence and foul language. The viewers and the participants kindly operate on your own discretion. We will be creating some more great memories as-well during this time cause you are going to feel every good emotion 10 times stronger too, you are also going to feel immensely creative, feel free to create all that you might during this time, Its a wonderful one and next winter this is going to be the time, about which you will be feeling nostalgic so go ahead and Live this moments as awesomely as possible don’t hold yourself back, stay present and have fun. One last note before I finish this one is that you are as it is going to feel everything with a lot more intensity, So use your discretion and choose beautiful feelings over dreadful ones consciously, cause everything is going to be amplified. Happy winter everyone, Cheers!