What was that?

What was that? It was to the new beginnings. What was that? It was to Re-defining your goals.

What was that? It was to the feeling that you could not describe, not even to yourself so you just don’t know how you feel. You say things happen don’t you? Well what do you think about that the things that are meant to be, they happen? It was also about the sunsets that mean a lot and they mean differently every time they happen. You are thinking a lot this days, aren’t you? Sometimes you wish you could stop, you think too much thinking is making you old, isn’t it? Youth is about being zealous and active there isn’t much place for thinking in there right? One should go with the flow during the youth you say, it’s the time of trial and error as you sum it but then why everyone takes theirs and each other’s mistakes so seriously you claim. Why people remain hurt over the things of the past? Why do they close themselves off to any similar new experiences? Why do they remain so stuck at a thing which was just a learning process?

Then there’s the judgemental part where everyone judges each other on the basis of the mistakes they made while learning, everyone’s learning, everyone’s anxious, everyone doesn’t know where they are heading but their young heart just wishes that they end up somewhere beautiful. Everyone’s scared, everyone’s looking for the answer, and everyone’s looking for the truth. Nobody will ever do badly if only they knew what’s right. It’s all a learning process. We are companions you say and we should support each other you say. Then why judge?

You want to shut your mind quiet right? Cause it always comes up with so many paradoxical theories, both the sides of the coin being the truth, you talk to yourself and say keep it simple man, Life is simple don’t entangle it with your wisdom. But again wisdom is such a beautiful thing, have you ever felt the joy of completely knowing a person? Knowing someone or something to the core of it and that state of fulfilment and completion that engulfs you. Basically there is no completion everything is infinite but have you ever felt the beauty of all that infinite there is to something.



When you compare life with time it’s nothing but a dream. Weigh life with time and it will measure up to nothing. What’s today won’t be tomorrow, where there is something there will be nothing someday, where there was nothing there will be something entirely new and out of the context. One cannot predict the change that time will bring. Weighing with time human existence is utter meaningless.

Then again Youth does not bother itself with trivial questions of time and space, life and death. To them everything is infinite. Their youth their time.  If you just go with the flow when will you ever have control and if you control when will you ever experience the true freedom of being in flow. Everything is paradoxical. I take you need a breather, art is your breather, nature is your breather, music is your breather, love is your breather and an endless list to at least make life beautiful if whatsoever the meaning isn’t there. As long as there’s peace and happiness, as long as the world continues to dream, life is beautiful. The finite time on this plane put it to amazing use you say, don’t you?

“One Day you will Leave this World behind, So live a life you will remember”