The slope on a Dirt road : Life

Everyone in their lives must have been on a dirt road at least once by now. You know they are tricky and the surface is loose, you loose even a bit of your control of your bike there’s a high chance of you landing straight on your face on the ground. Being cautious and in control is all there is on your mind while riding down a dirt road. The slopes they are even trickier, an unnecessary nightmare for some.

Just two days back I was on a dirt road as-well, then I encountered one of those slopes, I quickly shifted the gears, slowed down my speed and was proceeding cautiously down the road. At first I though I was in control and going smoothly down the road but when it got trickier with rocks and loose sand, some debris or shrubs I started to loose control, Twice I had to control my bike with all my might to avoid falling and the slower I got and the more control I tried to have over my ride down the slope the more prone I was getting to take a fall. Suddenly I thought why not just go with the slope and let loose the control at least I ll be down sooner, there’s a 50 50 chance of falling either ways so why not give in to the slope and see what happens. My bike swiftly started to take pace, had more grip than its slower state and was swiftly moving down without loosing much control or drifting of the track. In a few mins I was where I wanted to reach.

An ideology sparked in my mind from this trivial moment. Too many times we are on a dirt track in our lives and we also encounter the dreaded slope with all its rocks, shrubs, loose sand etc. We do feel out of control sometimes in our lives. what’s our first instinct when this happens is to get control, we start making a strategy that will safely move us to our desired place. Sometimes the more we try to control a situation or any circumstance the worse it gets, We feel like no matter what I ll have to take a fall sooner or later facing the fall of our life.

Now what’s interesting is that why not like just the slope on the dirt road I took on my bike which was tricky as hell and a fall was prominent let go of the control and see what happens. Why not go with the flow of life and see what happens. Treat everything as a reference experience. Why not? take that 50 50 chance in the face of a prominent fall, who knows maybe you will come out safe just like I did on the track and even if not you learn new tricks to control your bike of life more proficiently. To be honest what I have learned over this few weeks is treat everything as a experience keep learning and keep moving forward and most importantly let go of the urge to control everything. Just go with the flow and you will automatically be directed on the path that is meant for you. You wont drift from the real purpose of your life no matter what. Cause a slope has to end and there is a destination at the end of every road, Honestly there’s nothing to worry about. Feel the adrenaline rush, Go with the flow and do what’s right there’s no need to sweat on little dirt tracks on the highway of life.