An Artist’s Block

“The music lets me see the story but the story doesn’t let me write the words.”
Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Too many images, too many stories to tell and endless ways to say it all. I am going through an Artist’s Block.

I want to produce such bulk amount of art right now but as if suddenly the world has become too obvious to portray anything smartly or beautifully. There seem to be a perfect harmony in the world around me, everything is self explanatory they don’t need any sort of explanation or a story to back them up.

I am looking for inspiration, I am looking for ideas, I just cant seem to bring myself to the old ways of me or do anything that has been done before by anyone. Thinking about this I came up with a quote of my own.

“A picture with a story is more beautiful than a picture with mere beauty”

After quoting myself I would like to say that’s how I feel, I want my pictures to tell colossal stories, Stories that spark the light of Imagination in the viewer. With a single picture each one of them should be able to see their own version of the story, their own point of feeling and their own point of focus. I want my pictures to depict an universal story. A beautiful unity that will just spellbound anyone. The joy of creating art is in the joy of sharing it, adding to the beauty of the world.

Like the picture below with en number of subjects and my lens at an universal focus I don’t seem to find that one thing that I solely want to focus on to portray a story. Till then I will keep looking.