Power. Responsibility. Photography.

Panning was much easier with my Semi-Slr, Just get the shutter speed slow enough move the camera along with the object until the shutter slowly closes and opens and there it is a cool looking picture. Of-course there were quirks with the aperture and everything else and most of the times the image quality will be poor or too noisy still the object will be in perfect focus.

On the other Hand now with my new full fledged DSLR I can get the images I always wanted with all the amazing settings and freedom of control it came with. Though to start with as I had got used to panning with a Semi-Slr its a little difficult for me at the moment to get a well focused yet a panned shot with this camera of mine. Reason being I am not used to the shutter and timing of the camera to move along with the subject properly. This camera is more advanced than the previous one no doubts about it. It can bring about the change I want to see in my images if I can master control over it, learn new things and Improve myself to match with the tools that I have at my disposal right now.

Makes me think of the quote

“With Great power comes Great responsibility”

in anything in life when you have more control, power, freedom and liberty to choose it comes with a lot of responsibility. you can either make yourself or break yourself. You can either better the world or you can just be the rot in the world making it stink. Whatever power you earn for yourself or are bestowed with by fate make yourself able enough to handle the responsibilities that come with it. Use your power to create a beautiful image of your life, a beautiful image of the world. Learn. Grow. Prosper.

First panned image with my new camera.

First panned image with my new camera.