Time on hand

Watches on our hands are a friendly reminder to us, asking whether you are doing what you should be doing at this very time with the time you got in your hands right now? or you are just going around and round like my hands and only reaching where you were yesterday and not where you want to be today or someday?

Time says that the numbers on the watch and the hands on it are your way of measuring me to understand where you stand.I am eternal my mere existence is change but that’s not the case with you. With me you should bring about the change that you want to see or with me you will change nonetheless. It might not be what you desire. You could be standing right where you were standing yesterday, like the hands on the clock that do show the same time everyday.

More than knowing time, being aware about it is so powerful and deep. Rather than asking what time is it? we should be asking Am I doing the right thing at this time?

Time on hand.

Time on hand.