Malang means someone who doesn’t much care about his surroundings, someone who is not worldly while living in this world. Someone who is on his inner journey and is a free spirit.

This man had music all through his being. He and his 2 other companions will start singing in the middle of a conversation or just start making various beats with their voices. You can call that Classical Beat boxing if you will. They were taking seminars on “Earth Sounds” in an event I was at. For that event purpose they were emphasising on music as a therapy, music as a way of healing but what they themselves were pursuing was the “Inner journey” through music.

Musical duo

Musical duo

   From what I remember Orelio was from “San Diego” and he came to India around the 70s from then on he decided to stay here and follow his Inner path, he did travel the world as-well. During the Seminar he showed us wood sticks made out of all the Holy Trees from around the world, each made out of different wood with different sound, He made some volunteers play them as a part of the invocation ceremony.On the day 2 of the event later in the evening after the day 2 concluded they conducted a special Music meditation session for all the volunteers.

It was Surreal,Magical to be precise,the earth sounds they created with the instruments they had, only 3 of them were so real one moment it felt like it was raining, one moment it was an ocean full of waves, thundering of clouds, a dense forest, caves near the ocean, the sound of the gushing wind. It felt as if it was raining in that very room or maybe we were in the forest ourselves. Truly an experience out of this world, got to see and understand something new and magical The experience was euphoric it was an amazing high. Meeting beings like him is like meeting a different world altogether, something mysterious and making one curious.

Left home to find home Within. (Orelio)

Its a face of a man who looks like he has seen a lot of things in his life, experienced a lot of things, something divine and unearthly, a face that has seen things that normal people will never even hear about. Such people are inspiring they inspire us to explore the unusual and be curious. Lately I am having this deep longing of exploring some places in the wilderness and I intend to do so in the coming Monsoon season here in India when it rains magic and transforms the land into something heavenly. As I ll go along exploring those areas, I ll write about it, post pictures and show you guys what was it like, If you are thinking of doing something similar keep me posted.