Chasing the Rain man

After hours of Meditative high, the Rain man was going through a clutter of thoughts and familiar and yet unidentified scenarios, the Rain man thought he de go mad of the absurd reality he is facing now. Everything seems meaningless and the same meaningless world demands him to be reasonable with what he does and says. Gazing into the nothingness of the wilderness around him. Looking at the veins of trees and different birds it seems to be a complete alternate reality, where the song of the bird is the ultimate reality and your language and rules make no sense in their world.

Pondering over his life, talking about space and dimensions with his fellow weather souls. Thinking about the nuisance little non-existent nature of our existence in the vast universe and how unnecessary it is to worry about the world we live in which is nothing but a tiny blue blip in the cosmos where our beliefs and thoughts hold no value and our value here is of no use when the ultimate day of judgement arrives.aaaa

By this time it started to drizzle, hearing the sound of water drops, accompanied with a cooling breeze the moment seemed surreal and the Rain man took a deep breath, Filling his lungs to the max and holding it for a moment, enjoying the fullness of his breath and his chest, dwelling over the thoughtless state a man goes through in-between the breaths where everything merges into one and there is nothing but you and you realize peace is right here right now in this moment all worries of future are as irrelevant as our place in the

The rain man is longing for a deep meditative gaze, an all-knowing high. A high of enlightenment and in his world all this are attainable And all this is real. It’s not a metaphor when he speaks of an enlightened high, when he says I know how it is to be an all knowing being. He desires the all-knowing third eye with a deep burning vision, a blazing all-knowing vision that is throbbing with life knowing that the world is his and he has nothing to rush to.

Observing the world while he sat there while his companion’s spoke of a world he feels or maybe knows is so repetitive. What he knew Years ago is being repeated to him, all this is a reiteration yet a unique experience. The Rain man wants to drift like his clouds everywhere in the world and see if the world is really as magical as its been told or its the same as the place he is sitting at the moment and there will be no change but just the change of the scenario.


This picture portrays a shift.

The Rain man is stuck between being too easy on himself and being too hard on himself. He cannot comprehend being in the middle. The rain man Remembers that once a Mystique told him, the Mystique made a prophecy that either The rain man will be a King or a renunciate and the rain man realizes this that he is at the extremities and there is no middle ground for him. He has to make a decision now or later but he will have to choose between being an Emperor and a Renunciate. All thoughts seize to occur with a smile in his eyes somewhat of a mischievous nature. The Rain man somehow seems to be sure of the uncertainty.