“It’s about doing something and it’s about giving it a break”.

Both are doable and both are correct. The doubt arises at the thought of which one is correct for the Current situation.  “When you stop looking for something that something finds you” and also “When you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch up to you” both the statements seem to be correct and they stand true in their own respective frames. I am sure all of us have experienced it one or the other time, when we think of it we do relate to certain scenarios where applying either of the statements could have benefited us more or would have hurt us less in the long run.

The two statements above seem to be fate related, destiny based or on the law of attraction in a way but how about we look at them in the light of science as well. While learning anything new apart from dedication and consistency another thing is required, that thing is “Rest”. Therefore there is a day off in a week in the world of man.

It does more than just giving you a break from your daily chores. It helps your body to recuperate, relax, rejuvenate and refreshes it for another week of work. In the world of Bodybuilding the body is given a rest day to repair and rebuild the muscles, In the long run after a program of about 12 weeks or so it is advisable to take a break of a week or two in order to allow the CNS (Central Nervous System) to rejuvenate its functions and form better connections in the brain in order to create a more better mind body connection, also the rest given from such strenuous training, DE loads the CNS  returning it to smooth effective functioning for improved training later on.

I remember watching a research video few years back in which they were saying that the brain forms new neuron connections, connecting and making new pathways during the time of rest. The time when we sleep. We can also make our brain find solutions to things to which we are unable to find physical solutions. Just by thinking about an activity that you practice regularly but you are stuck at some point, giving it a rest might just give you the solution you are looking for. Cause the brain’s still functional and it’s trying to make sense of all the new pathways that were created and trying to link them to the main functions. I remember being able to play the guitar better or being able to perform better at Gymnastics as a kid after I gave it a break for some time.  Eureka! Moments happen during the time of rest.

So I am at a Bilateral phase in my life. I passionately and dedicatedly want to do and follow certain things right now and I am taking action very well. The problem though it’s a lot of pace, I feel like I am missing out on emotions, I feel like it’s good  to learn but can’t you just for a day make your mind stop thinking and enjoy what’s in the moment ? I also feel like I am neglecting or not paying enough attention to certain aspects of life which are important as well. All my endeavors are interconnected they are not separate entities all of them make my life complete and whole.  I want to do and I maybe need a break too. Will it bring me to an eureka moment or the desire to rest is just a gateway from persistence for a while?