Chasing the Rain man : Premonition

Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley

All the weather souls were sitting together, as usual it was time to relax and various discussions taking place. The rain man did not agree with some of the content that was being discussed and as usual wanted to give in some input to it from his side of the weather band. Listening attentively, he decided to listen some more, he has been talking a lot this days, raining. there is something he was contemplating on, a quote by Dalai Lama.

 “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know.
But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

Recently while listening a lot he was discovering different realities of other weather souls, they were familiar scenarios but not usually taken into consideration by the rain man, as if revisiting the attics of his mind. Music being poured into their euphoric cup of heart, their gaze gentle but full of life, the eyes reflected the colour of heart and one can see deep into the soul of anything. Their minds wandering through the cosmos, the gallery of time gave a great view of the world passing by.

The alchemy was complete, they lit the ritual fire, praised the source of everything and took in a deep breath before making the sound of the divine conch, its sound resonating in every single pore of the being. The discussion continued. The Rain man still contemplating on that quote, said to himself “Be humble”, Stay humble. There had to be a middle ground to this though he thought, cause he cannot always maintain the humble poise. Rain man even went through certain hurdles along the days but he did not feel even a bit disheartened by it, still contemplating over those words, he could only figure out the following, all this or all that happened, only happened for one sole purpose, the purpose was to teach the Rain man to be humble, Rain man has always been humble, yet this was more about accepting the individuality and celebrating the good in all. What dawned upon him can easily be described by this quote

“Be selective of your battles. Sometimes peace is better than being right.”

Being right can only dishearten the one who is wrong, what good is it at the cost of making someone question themselves. There is time and place for everything and sometimes being gentle, humble, accepting is more important than correcting and that’s when miracles happen he thought, that’s when I ll feel at peace, When my clouds will shower rain to enrich and uplift the world and not to wash away something.

Pulled back into the conscious world from his subconscious realms by the words of The sun man, he looked up and the sun man said “listen”. A song from the folklore of legends was playing, the sun man started singing along, asking the rain man to pay attention to the lyrics, feeling full of thunder, the chorus of the song stayed with him for a while, it said “We ll be
Legends, we gonna live on forever” sounded like a premonition to him.