The plan

man-2sI am a storyteller, I love to create and tell stories. I want my photography to tell enchanting stories of mystery, myth, glory, honour and Valour.  I love making pictures which have an amazing story to them, recently I have been capturing for the sake of rehearsing it feels. The pictures look great but the satisfaction is not there. In order To improve my trade, skill and craft I came across 3 things to do.

  1. Shoot with a concept in  mind.
  2. Have a story to tell.
  3. Learn as much as I can throughout the day about the specific things I want to master or create.

I ll be sharing all the new pictures I ll be clicking henceforth on my blog here, which will adhere to the first two rules, created with the help of the 3rd one. Too often in the midst of doing all that we should and being intensively busy with things leaves little time for contemplation and innovation. The more knowledge you gather the more rapid your innovations will become.

After a break, contemplating on my current condition, I decided to bring about major changes in a lot of things. The quite time gave me greater insights into my own thoughts and paved a clearer pathway for me to follow and grow. Each individual has his own way of dealing with his or her goals and learning each unique way will make you faster. Share yours with me.