In my Images, I am more concerned about the type of feeling the picture gives the viewer, Whatever it may be about, I am looking for a certain feel, action and story in the picture. This days I am more inclined towards darker images, images that are enigmatic. Black&White Photography is excellent in creating bright situations, those on the positive side of the feelings and yet carry a darker tone to it.

As stated by me in the Previous blog, I am doing a series of black&white images, adhering to certain stone written rules in photography. Again rules are a guideline and innovation with an unique vision is the key, but this rules like tools can be very useful in giving your work the final finishing.

This Image is Called the Triumph, the New plant seems to have emerged victorious in many other struggling to reach the sunlight and now will grow into a big branch itself and become a more whole and large part of the tree.

Taken using the “RULE OF LEADING LINES” Natural lines created by the various elements in a scene tend to guide the viewers eyes to a certain spot. Composing them effectively will assist you in clearly explaining your focus in the image and what element you are emphasising on. Determining the overall balance, feel and meaning of the image. triumph