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Malang means someone who doesn’t much care about his surroundings, someone who is not worldly while living in this world. Someone who is on his inner journey and is a free spirit. This… Continue reading

What was that?

What was that? It was to the new beginnings. What was that? It was to Re-defining your goals. What was that? It was to the feeling that you could not describe, not even… Continue reading

An Apology : Care while you can

This morning I woke up to a very pleasant yet a very bizarre dream, The only visuals that I remember from the dream clearly are enough for me to describe what I am… Continue reading

There’s Magic everywhere

When was the last time you really saw something with your eyes? And not with your thoughts, when was the last time you really were looking outside rather than being stuck inside your… Continue reading

How I remember home

Countless images flood my mind when I think about home, each of them as alive as it was then, I see rain pouring down outside the windows, I hear sounds of celebration and… Continue reading