An Artist’s Block

“The music lets me see the story but the story doesn’t let me write the words.” ― Elizabeth J. Kolodziej Too many images, too many stories to tell and endless ways to say… Continue reading

The slope on a Dirt road : Life

Everyone in their lives must have been on a dirt road at least once by now. You know they are tricky and the surface is loose, you loose even a bit of your… Continue reading

What was that?

What was that? It was to the new beginnings. What was that? It was to Re-defining your goals. What was that? It was to the feeling that you could not describe, not even… Continue reading

An Apology : Care while you can

This morning I woke up to a very pleasant yet a very bizarre dream, The only visuals that I remember from the dream clearly are enough for me to describe what I am… Continue reading

Winter and Nostalgia : The Connection

Winter and nostalgia go hand in hand, you can now think and start noticing that you may have been the most nostalgic, sentimental, feeling the blues and similar feelings more intensely during the… Continue reading