Eat. Sleep. Talk, your Craft.

In a recent Photography documentary that I was watching on youtube named:
“Art of The photographer: your Global guide to Photography, Travel & Adventure”

Its with Michael Yamashita, the legendary photographer for the National Geographic Magazine. In the Video he was saying that “I used to Think photography was very competetive in my age but now when I see it, its actually even more competetive cause there are pictures everywhere. You got to be really good at what you do and must have something to say if you want to make it as a photographer in this present age.”

Then he said something very regular yet very profound, something we have heard a thousand times. He said “If you want to make it you need to Breath, Eat, drink, Sleep, Walk and talk Photography.” Its basically applicable in every goal and endevour of our life.

Though what it made me think is you dont click at a particular time when you are out somewhere beautiful, you dont just click when there’s something beautiful or remarkable to capture and you dont just capture things when its an Ideal situation to capture them. You should actually practise it all the time to improve at capturing your vison of the world and when you are not Clicking you should be busy learning and updating your knowledge about your Craft, study your subjects read about them. That’s how you capture the depth of them and not just scratch the surface. I like images with an impact, images that make you think and my aim is to create that.

Quoting Michael Yamashita:
“I like to create images with an Impact, Images that make you stop turning the page and makes you think about the story in it, Images that speak for themselves.”

Capturing to learn.

Capturing to learn.