So be it

Believe it or not this is a city scape light painting appearing as people.

Believe it or not this is a city scape light painting appearing as people.

To each to his own, genuine seekers have questions that reveal the truth whereas those who want to be right have arguments and always a counter argument for whatever you say, as to them the truth does not matter, only being right is what they seek. Then there are those who cycle through versions of the truth as per their comfort, Firmly supporting whatever it is that will let them have their way maintaining a good form of negligence. Certain kind have become oblivious they resist change in either case and therefore will only act according to their own accord. They are subconsciously ego bounded or simply might not be wanting to work for something, claiming it isn’t the truth to maybe avoid the extra labour of reforming their current poise. Everyone’s judgemental and everyone wants to be acknowledged as someone who isn’t, also not many are keen on speaking their mind.

I am not sure whether its diplomacy, negligence, selfishness, passive behaviour or a plain desire to be comfortable.I personally cannot stand ignorance, vagueness, unwilling to speak their mind, judgemental questioning behaviour and above all criticism which is not constructive or beneficial in any way which is solely aimed at protecting their own little egos and demeaning someone else to feel better about themselves.

I personally believe in this Sufi saying “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate ask yourself “is it true?” at the second ask “is it necessary?” at the third gate ask “Is it kind?” and to this I would like to add my own which is “Is it uplifting or motivating?.” I am quite a humble man naturally but sometimes my ego takes the best of me, it happens with all of us, we all are flawed living beings our core desire to evolve is what keeps
us human, our desire to grow is what will take us to enlightenment eventually, Its a long journey and patience and kindness are the most essential, cause change will not happen in a blink of an eye, it will take time but the wait is worth it as peace is all that matters. I decided to consciously be, become as humble as possible in everyday scenarios.

The reason is simple we have no right to correct, judge, teach, point and preach anything to anyone who doesn’t specifically ask for it as a comrade and as a companion on the same journey. If you cannot support, encourage and make someone feel better about themselves then consider silence, Because its golden. Also time is a valuable commodity you don’t want to waste it on deliberate deaf ears and blind eyes, you cannot maintain enough modesty in an argument when one occurs if you are even slightly righteous.

Therefore whatever it is, however it is, whoever it is. To each to his own. “So Be It.”